Applications for Mac OS X, Windows and iPhone / iPod Touch
by Ian Dalgleish

Once downloaded, you MUST drag the app. from the disk image into your applications folder.

Platform Symbols
Mac PowerPC
Mac Universal Binary
PASSWORD: The default password is "Tiger".
Games etc.
Click on the Platform to Download:

Balong 2.1

Learn to survive on the Island of Balong

Bingo 1.4

Generates the numbers required for playing Bingo at Christmas.

choice 1.1.1

Another drag and drop game. Please delete the easy example then add your own stuff.
About the Mac and Windows versions of choice

Distil1 1.1

Find and distil a magical blue liquid in the mythical village of Hydritos.

Distil2 2.3

Use the blue liquid from Distil1 to release the powers of three evil sisters.

Distil3 1.4

Avenge the death of Hermionie, daughter of one of the three sisters - the last of the 'Distil trilogy' and the best of the three.

dragOn 2.4.1

A drag and drop game. Please delete the easy example then add your own stuff.
About the Mac and Windows versions of dragOn

Elements Puzzle 1.0

Shuffle the elements until they are in the right place in the Periodic Table.

GreyMaze X 1.0

Meet Atrus, Dr.Death and prepare to enter the coloured maze.

Lotto 1.0

Choose your Lotto numbers totally at random, the best way to ensure that nobody else has the same numbers.

Maze X 1.0

Solve the puzzles in a maze full of intrigue and little red bugs.

Mind Reader

Pick a card. You tell nobody what it is but ......... the computer knows!

Reaction Timer 2.1

Test your reaction times as you try to catch a mouse.

Chemistry [ Mainly intended for Scottish School Pupils]
Click on the Platform to Download:

Balancing 2

Help with balancing equations. For SG and Int2 Chemistry.

BarChart 2.1

Easy to use application for drawing bar charts.

Crush the Mole 2.1

Chemistry. All moles should avoid this one!

Drugs 2.1

Advanced Higher Medicinal Chemistry

Enthalpy of Combustion 2.1

Simulation of the Higher Chemistry PPA.

Industrial Chemistry 2.1

Covers the whole of the Industrial Chemistry topic in the Higher course.

Ion Migration 1.4.3

A simulation of the movement of ions towards charged electrodes.


MacGraphs 2.1

Easy to use application for drawing graphs.

Mass Spectra 2.1

An animated diagram of the Mass Spectrometer and mass spectra of all the elements. For Advanced Higher Chemistry.

Naming Alkanes 2.1

Higher Chemistry.

Oil Story 2.1

SG and Int 1/2 Chemistry.

pH Game 2.1

S2 Chemistry.

Problem Printer 2.1

Prints problems, guaranteed different every time, for SG, Int2, H and AH Chemistry.

PT Puzzle 2.1

Reveal as many of the chemical elements as you can.

Wattcost 2.1

For Standard Science or S1 Science.
Run electrical appliances in a house for 60 days then get your bill.

N.B. Mac applications are not compatible with Default Folder X - just EXCLUDE them in the DF Prefs.